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Vasectomy: The What, Why and Where


There are many reasons to get a vasectomy. You might be at a point in your life where you either do not wish to have more children or are in a situation where pregnancy is dangerous for you and your partner.

But, whatever the reason might be, a vasectomy is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. It’s important that both partners are involved in the choice and are on the same page because a lot of support and cooperation is needed during the vasectomy procedure and recovery. 

Besides coming to terms with your decision and the support of your partner, it is also critical that you are aware of the benefits and risks associated with this procedure. Let’s start with a simple understanding of what that term means before we get into how it works. 

What Is a Vasectomy? 

A vasectomy is a minimally invasive, one-time procedure considered to be an effective form of birth control for men. It is done to keep the sperm from being released when a man ejaculates. During this procedure, the vas deferens or sperm-carrying ducts are severed, clamped, or sealed in each testicle.

Some of the benefits of vasectomy include ? 

  • Effectiveness: Vasectomies have a failure rate of less than 1%. This is more effective than using condoms, birth control pills, or other preventive measures.
  • Low risk: Vasectomies are minimally invasive. Besides swelling, bruising and discomfort, the procedure is majorly uncomplicated.
  • Quick Recovery: Although you might face discomfort, the vasectomy procedure and recovery is quick. The standard time for getting back on your feet is 7-10 days. 

Vasectomy procedure: How it works 

Your doctor will work with you to make your vasectomy as painless as possible. 

During the vasectomy treatment, your scrotal area will be shaved and cleaned with an antiseptic solution in the procedure room. The area will be numbed with a local anaesthetic, but you will be conscious of touch, pressure, and movement. Any sharp discomfort should be blocked by the local anaesthetic. If you have pain during the surgery, inform your urologist so that more anaesthesia can be administered. 

There are two types of vasectomies offered. 

  • Incision vasectomy (Conventional Vasectomy): Here, two small cuts are made with a scalpel, and the tubes that carry your sperm are tied off, cauterised, or blocked. 
  • No-Scalpel Vasectomy: Here, instead of cutting the skin with a scalpel, the doctor creates one tiny puncture (hole) to reach both vas deferens tubes. After that, your tubes will be tied, cauterised, or blocked.

What are The Risks of a Vasectomy Procedure? 

The procedure is generally safe, and complications are rare. But if they do happen, they include –

  • Bleeding into the scrotum: Right after the surgery, If you notice that your scrotum has become unusually enlarged or you are in excruciating pain, call your urologist right away.
  • Risk of infection: If you come down with a fever or notice that your scrotum is red or sore, see your urologist immediately.
  • Post-vasectomy pain syndrome: This is a very rare occurrence that 1 or 2 men in a hundred face. The pain that might occur after a vasectomy is known as post-vasectomy pain syndrome. The cause is unknown, but it’s usually treated with anti-swelling medications.

Vasectomy Recovery 

The scrotum generally stays numb 1 to 2 hours after the surgery. You can apply cold packs in that area for comfort. Returning to your normal routine usually takes one or two days. You should recover completely in a week’s time.

Your sexual activities are unaffected by the procedure, but you must use another form of birth control until your doctor confirms a sperm count of zero.

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Where can you get a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is normally done by a urologist (a doctor who specialises in the male urinary tract and reproductive system). The urologist may choose to perform the vasectomy in a hospital or an outpatient surgery centre.

The cost of the procedure varies depending on the city and the clinic. If you are worried about the vasectomy operation cost in India, know that all persons undergoing sterilisation operation in public health facilities/accredited health facilities in the private/NGO sector are covered under the family planning insurance scheme. 

Ayu Health is a NABH accredited facility in Bangalore and Chandigarh, which ensures a high standard of care to the patients. To learn more about the procedure and the vasectomy cost with insurance, visit our website to book an appointment or call us at +91 08069489584 for a consultation. We have an expert oncologist with over 15 years of experience who delivers seamless care to patients.

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