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Stop Eating these, If you want a Healthy Heart!

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Eating right is one of the sure-shot ways to keep healthy. 

Well, it’s not entirely your fault. We are all surrounded by delectable stuff which is extremely satisfying but very unhealthy!

But you need to stop. One day or the other. For your heart to be healthy. Because your heart governs everything that goes on in your body. 

So, here’s a list of heart damaging food that you need to stop consuming, now. 

Processed carbohydrates

Also called refined carbohydrates, these find a way into our plate at almost every meal. White rice, food made with refined flour like pizza, pasta, naan, cereals, all these, fall under this category. 

Refined carbohydrates are made by removing all the goodness like fibre, nutrients and minerals from whole grains. So, all that’s left when we eat them is fat and gluten. 

These should be avoided because they get digested very fast and are directly linked to causing heart disease

Quick Tip: Don’t try to replace all the carbs with whole grains in one go. Incorporate them slowly. Example- Replace a part of your white rice with brown rice twice a week and then, gradually make the switch. 

Sugary Snacks 

Cakes, ice creams, biscuits, candies, soda. Not a list of your snacking options, I hope. These foods have far more sugar than you’d think. Try baking a cake on your own, and you’ll know!

Studies say that high amounts of sugar in the diet increase bad cholesterol in your body. Not only that, they also destroy good cholesterol. Sugars also directly contribute to hypertension or increased blood pressure. Now, this means, every time you have sugary snacks, you are putting your heart at risk of heart attack

Quick Tip: Start by replacing sugar in your tea with jaggery. Add dates, figs, etc to your milkshakes. Basically, use an alternative, natural sweeteners to replace sugar. 

Deep fried food

They taste so good that you can’t stop eating them. But they cause extensive damage to your health and you know that.  

Fried food act in multiple ways to bring down your health. They increase weight leading to obesity, high blood pressure, an increase in bad cholesterol in the blood and then, heart disease. 

Quick Tip: If you can’t really stop eating fried food, you can try investing in an air fryer. The results in terms of scrumptiousness remains the same but very less oil is used in the process. You can also try shallow frying which works for most dishes. 


While studies have shown that consuming small quantities of alcohol, especially red wine, might be beneficial to your health, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to deterioration of your heart muscles. This is directly connected to coronary heart disease

Quick Tip: For men, it is okay to have two drinks in a day and for a woman, one drink. So, instead of completely cutting off alcohol consumption, you can gradually reduce it and then, think about putting a stop to it. 

Your heart will really thank you when you start avoiding these from your diet. Take a look at this picture to see what is actually good for your heart. 

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You know the saying- What you eat is what you are. Keep a tab on what you eat and you’ll always maintain good health. 

Regular health check-ups, exercise and keeping a positive mindset also go a long way in taking care of your health and heart. The doctors at Ayu Health hospitals are highly experienced and have the best of health-care infrastructure at their disposal. 

To consult experienced cardiologists, call +91 6366-100-800 or book an appointment online now at Ayu Health Hospitals!

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