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Bariatric Surgery – 5 things before you opt for it

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Obesity is bad. It does not affect us just physically, but mentally as well. So, going for a weight loss surgery might seem like a great option. However, you must remember that bariatric surgery is, at the end of the day, a surgery and comes with its own set of advantages and risks too!

Careful consideration of the situation is thus, important to make the right decision about undergoing the procedure. This is done so that the risks and side effects outweigh the advantages after the surgery takes place. Here are a few things that your doctor and you should consider.

1. Current Health condition

Surgery should be the last option that you should think of for losing weight. But, if weight loss surgery resolves more serious health conditions, bariatric surgery is the way to go. Some of the things that doctors look at are:

  • Whether medication and lifestyle changes can improve your condition
  • Whether Type 2 diabetes is in control or is worsening
  • Whether obesity is causing any heart issues
  • Are hormonal changes affecting your health?
  • Do you have hereditary factors which have led to obesity? 
  • Any other complications that could lead to failure of the surgery

In addition to these, doctors also think about how well you will be able to recover after surgery.

2. Psychological condition

Undergoing a surgery is stressful. On top of that, a strong resolve is required from your end to make sure you get the best results out of the surgery. Some of these include strict diet, regular exercise, taking medications on time etc. Sinking into depression or being careless about your habits after the surgery is not an option.

Hence, taking note of your psychological condition is important to understand how you will cope with the surgery and the restrictions that come with it. 

3. Age

Age is an important factor as it is linked to your overall health, ability to recover as well as mental strength. Typically, doctors consider the surgery only for people between the age group of 18 and 70. 

4. Health insurance

Not all insurance providers cover bariatric surgery. So, its important for you to understand where your insurance stands. To avoid any last-minute unpleasant surprises, it makes sense to get a clear idea of how much the surgery is going to cost, how much will be covered by your insurance and how much you will need to pay after the surgery.

At Ayu Health, your Ayu Mitra will help you sort through all the paperwork and give you a clear picture of the costs involved well before the surgery. 

5. Type of Surgery

Once it is decided that bariatric surgery is the best option for you, the doctor will decide which type of surgery should be performed. Based on your situation, the doctor will choose between these procedures: 

Sleeve Gastrectomy

In this procedure, the stomach size is decreased to about 25% of its original size. After the procedure, the stomach looks almost like a sleeve and hence, the name. This surgery helps in reducing appetite to a large extent. 

Gastric Bypass Roux-En-Y 

This is a straightforward procedure in which strapping is used to create a small pouch from the stomach which is directly connected to the small intestine. This restricts the amount of food you can eat at one go. This procedure is advantageous because it resolves about 96% of obesity related health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, back pain, sleep apnoea etc

Mini Gastric Bypass

This is a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. In this procedure, a tiny incision is made to insert a camera into the abdominal cavity to perform the surgery. Thus, the chances of infection are less and you’ll recover pretty quickly after this procedure.

Apart from these 5 top things, having a team of experienced doctors backing you up is extremely important. So, choose your hospital and team of doctors wisely. After all, they are the key people who can take you on a journey to a slimmer, healthier and definitely a happier you. Good luck!

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