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Root Canal Treatment in India: A Complete Guide

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatments have become a common practice with more and more people opting to undergo the procedure than before. With better equipment, painless procedures and expert doctors, patients are at ease to undergo root canal over a regular filling. In some cases, people even delay a regular filling procedure, mostly out of fear, and are forced to undergo root canal treatment. This article might help people make an informed decision regarding the treatment and will give you an overview of root canal treatment costs in India. 

What is Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure performed to treat an infection at the centre of the tooth. This infection is generally caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and damage the tooth. This could happen because of tooth decay, leaky fillings or any other physical damage caused to the tooth. 

Contrary to popular belief, modern-day root canal treatment is painless as a local anaesthetic is used to numb the affected area, while the infection is removed. Hence, opting for this treatment can largely help in cases wherein the tooth is in danger of being removed completely but can be saved via a root canal treatment instead! 

When is root canal treatment needed? 

Root canal treatment is needed when dental X-rays show that the pulp has been damaged by a bacterial infection. The pulp may swell if it is infected by bacteria, allowing the bacteria to multiply and spread. 

Here are some symptoms to watch out for: 

  • Pain when having day-to-day meals 
  • Pain when the tooth is exposed to something hot or cold
  • Pain when chewing your food 
  • A deep cavity in the tooth

What is the Duration of Root Canal Treatment?

The duration of a root canal treatments can vary depending on the degree of infection in your tooth. It can take 30-90 minutes and can be spread across two appointments if required. It also depends on the size of the tooth, if a larger tooth is being treated, it would take more than an hour to conduct the root canal treatment. 

Root Canal Treatment Cost in India 

Apart from the root canal treatments itself, the main concern that most patients have is the cost of the procedure, and the cap, which is the hard, external covering on the tooth. Having a clear understanding of the type of root canal treatment required and the associated procedures can help one be better prepared for it by knowing what to expect. 

Root canal costs are based on several factors such as 

  • The complexity of the problem
  • The tooth affected (Molars are more difficult to treat and cost more)
  • The type of root canal procedure
  • The materials used for capping
  • The city in which you are getting the treatment done.

    Traditional root canal treatments are most commonly opted for, wherein a drill is made to create an opening in the infected tooth through which the damaged pulp is then removed and the root within the tooth is cleansed before being filled.

    Of late, laser root canal treatments, which are essentially the same as traditional treatments except a laser being used instead of a drill, have gained popularity. The use of a laser treats the infection with better accuracy and speed, leaving the tooth relatively cleaner. Laser root canal treatment in India is comparatively costlier than the traditional treatment

With various factors taken into consideration, the overall Root Canal Treatments Cost in India ranges from Rs.1500 to Rs. 15000.

In addition to the root canal treatment itself, there is also the capping procedure which is highly recommended from a cosmetic point of view in case the tooth is left discoloured post-treatment or to help prevent a fracture or re-infection caused due to microleakage. Capping or ‘crown’ charges are different depending on the material and techniques used for capping. 

The approximate crown cost in India normally ranges from Rs.14,000 to Rs. 42,000. The overall cost will be based on the type of dental crown, the number of crowns, the overall health of the patient and any other additional procedures that are required to complete the treatment.

Quite a few people delay getting a root canal treatments done in time mostly due to doubts regarding the cost involved or just out of sheer ignorance.

However, there are consequences to this – temporary pain relief does not mean that your tooth has healed but rather it might indicate that the nerves inside the tooth are all dead and the infection has spread. The bacteria from this infection can potentially enter the tissues of the adjacent gum and jaw which could cause a pus-filled abscess. This can even lead to other serious ailments. Hence, it is very important to pay attention to the slightest dental discomfort and get a root canal treatment done on time to avoid future complications. At Ayu Health, we will make sure you get the proper care your teeth need. Contact us or visit us to get a detailed cost of the procedure! We have an expert oncologist with over 15 years of experience who delivers seamless care to patients.

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