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How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost in India? Know Your Options

IVF treatment cost in india

For couples looking to start a new family, a repeated single line on the home pregnancy stick can be pretty disheartening. And the longer it goes, the more that dreaded notion starts creeping into your mind — infertility. While it may be a subject people openly talk about, it’s not really uncommon, especially as the age counter keeps ticking on.

Fortunately, with the rapid advancements in medical technology since the turn of the century, couples no longer have to fear infertility and can still realize their wishes of being biological parents. How? Three Letters: IVF, or In-Vitro Fertilization. This is an option taken up by many people struggling with infertility or other reproductive issues. And the good part is that with advancing technology, the IVF treatment cost in India is also on the decline.

But first, let’s go over what IVF treatment really is and how it works.

What is IVF Treatment?

IVF treatment, as the name suggests, involves the fertilization of an egg outside the human body. Essentially, it is an assisted reproductive method that is carried out with a concoction of medications and treatments that causes an egg to fuse with sperm in a lab apparatus. The fertilized egg is then put into the uterus. This implanting of the embryos into the uterine lining results in a pregnancy.

IVF is the type of assisted reproductive technology with the highest success rate. A couple’s own eggs and sperm can be used in the operation. Alternatively, IVF may use eggs, sperm, or embryos from a known or unknown donor. In some circumstances, a gestational carrier — someone who’s had an embryo implanted in the uterus — might be used.

Benefits of IVF Treatment

IVF has several advantages that have contributed to its popularity.

  • Everyone has the option to potentially have a child thanks to IVF, whether they are single parents or infertile couples.
  • IVF increases your odds of conception immediately, with its careful fusion process carried out in the laboratory.
  • Hear your body clock ticking? Not to worry. With IVF treatment, you can extend the opportunity to have a baby by a good few years until you are ready.
  • IVF was the first form of assisted reproduction that addressed and presented treatments for problems with male infertility.

But with such an innovative medical procedure, the first question after safety is, of course, the costs.

How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost in India?

In India, IVF has only been practised for 42 years. IVF treatment is not the cheapest option because of the infrastructure and technology it requires. But it’s one of the best assisted reproductive techniques available.

Each IVF procedure is unique. Hence, based on each person’s unique wants and preferences, the price may vary. However, the price can be roughly classified into a range, with the least expensive IVF treatment cost in India being around 70,000 INR.

Now, the success probability for a single IVF cycle ranges from 50–72%, depending on the individual patient. This means that it’s probable that some patients may require multiple cycles of IVF treatment before they’re successful. Each IVF cycle typically costs between 70,000 and 1,25,000 INR.

Finally, IVF treatment cost in India differs from hospital to hospital as well. Some of India’s top-tier hospitals have experienced doctors/embryologists and use the most advanced technologies out there to provide the most successful and trouble-free IVF treatments. These hospitals charge between 1.25 and 3 lakh INR for each cycle of IVF therapy, including the price of the medications, consultation, and treatment itself.

Due to its widespread availability and high success rate, IVF is perhaps the most popular assisted reproduction technology. Give yourselves and your future family a shot at safe, hassle-free IVF treatment at one of the premier facilities in the country,Ayu Health. Then Ayu Health may be your best bet! For booking an appointment, call 636-610-0800

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