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Clearing popular myths around the “dangers” of surgery

Surgical care is referred to as an essential component of the healthcare industry from ages around the globe. Advances in surgical science have enabled a large population to reduce the risk of death and alleviate health disabilities.

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According to the survey conducted by the World Health Organisation, approximately 13% of the world’s population undergo surgery & treatments at some point in their life to get rid of the health issues. 

While surgical treatment is performed with an intention to save lives, patients and their loved ones are always worried and often visit their doctors with a sea of questions and myths that need to be busted.

So, it’s essential for every patient to not believe in everything said other than their doctor’s because Google cannot be a replacement of the healthcare industry.

Myths vs Facts

Here’s a list of common myths related to the surgeries and its dangers that need to be debunked so that mental psychology of the patient does not affect his physical health while undergoing the surgery.

Myth 1: Every surgery is dangerous and life-threatening


Patients undergoing surgery are afraid of operations because yes, they are complicated. But the assumption that every surgery can cause death and its dangerous needs to be dealt with. For instance: knee replacement surgeries, removal of hernia are not dangerous or life-threatening.

The doctors performing surgeries are experienced enough to accomplish a successful operation. Still, sometimes the risk factors or side effects do exist and are communicated to the patients or their loved ones beforehand. 

Complications may arise if the patient is not following the exact guidelines of the doctor in charge. Else, everyday doctors perform surgeries in large numbers and that too successfully. 

Myth 2: Surgeries should be your last resort because of the danger they bring


Any person suffering from a health problem always opt for medications or some other solutions to avoid surgical treatment. 

However, the matter of fact is surgeries performed with the consent of your doctor before the condition worsens is the best optimal solution of saving your life and reducing the risk of suffering.

So, it’s highly recommended to go for the surgery before it’s too late and never consider it as a last resort after trying out every possible medication. 

Myth 3: If surgery goes long it indicates something bad


Surgeries are a complicated process that needs a lot of focus, and slow & steady operations are an indicator that you will return home happily. 

Taking time means that doctors are taking every preventive and precautionary measure to avoid complications and mishappenings. 

Myth 4: Surgeries usually put restrictions on your diet


Not all surgeries put dietary restrictions on the patients. For instance, stomach surgery, kidney transplants do restrict your meals. 

Still, these are temporary and often are waved off once the condition of the patient is stable enough to digest what goes in as per the doctor’s recommendation.

Surgeries like knee transplant, muscle recovery will not restrict your diet but will recommend having the intake of healthy food. Doctors always recommend such advice to people, not only patients.  

Myth 5: Some surgeries can result in an inability to get pregnant


There exists no evidence that surgeries can hinder future pregnancy. After some operations, the doctors may recommend you not to try conceiving for a specific period, but those surgeries are very rare.

Myth 6: Human body changes after surgery


Most surgeries (other than exceptions like bariatric surgery) do not change your body. They only aim at removing the undesirable elements present in the body to cure you. Else, there have been no cases of body changes after undergoing surgery.

Myth 7: Anaesthesia is dangerous and there are chances one may never regain consciousness


Anaesthesia is an essential component of surgical treatment and professionals requires a lot of experience to become anaesthetists. With the proper amount and the doctor examining the body, anaesthesia is not dangerous.

The outcome of surgeries are not solely dependent on the anaesthesia; multiple factors prevail. This is a very ambiguous statement that one can never regain consciousness after injected with anaesthesia.

The amount of anaesthesia makes you feel drowsy only for sometime after the surgery is complete, and you start with your recovery process. 

Myth 8: The dosage miscalculation of anaesthesia can wear off the surgery before it is over


There exists no such term of dosage of anaesthesia as it can be injected more if required during the surgery. As the anaesthetists remain in the operation theatre, they keep a check if the patient needs more doses of anaesthesia or not.

The bottom line

No doubt, surgeries are complicated and need a lot of medical effort for successful outcomes. But it’s important not to fall for common myths and delay the right treatment which might end up eventually causing more harm to the body. All you need to do is consult your doctors and then go for the surgical treatment. If you want to be sure, get a second opinion but do trust the judgement of professionals.

Patients and their family members should thoroughly research about the disease and its treatment procedures so that you can wisely choose which hospital and which treatment is optimal to get rid of the disease.

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