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We found 40 Proctology doctors in Bangalore

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Proctology Doctors are present in Bangalore?

There are 40 Proctology Doctors available in Bangalore.

Who are Proctology Doctors in Bangalore?

Proctology Doctors in Bangalore are Dr. B S Giridhar, Dr. Prathap Kumar Pani, Dr. Somarajan M R, Dr. Parameshwara C M, Dr. Anantharaman, Dr. Arun Kumar, Dr Anandkumar, Dr. Hemanth Kumar Pandharpurkar, Dr. Chandrashekar R, Dr. Vijay Chandra, Dr.Abdul Razak G S, Dr. Prashanth JV, Dr. Ravi Kumar H, DR. VISWANATH S, Dr Vinodh Reddy, Dr. Vijaya Raghava Reddy, Dr Pradeep Kumar N, Dr. Sunil D Shenvi, Dr. Rahul Shetty, Dr Pradeep Kumar N, Dr. Vijaya Raghava Reddy, Dr. Kumar S S, Dr. Shivakumar Uppala, Dr. K Hemanth Kumar, Dr. Raghunandan K. S., Dr Santosh M P, Dr.Shivakumar, Dr. Sujeev Pratap, Dr. A Naga Srinivaas, Dr. Sujeev Pratap, DR. MANOHAR BHADRAPPA, Dr. Munireddy M V, Dr. Kalaivani, Dr. Vedarth Dash, Dr. Vedarth Dash, Dr. Niyaz Mohammed, Dr. Shivani S Prasad, Dr. Chethan Upadhyaya, Dr. KAVYA .T & Dr Sachin subbaraya.

What is the average experience of Proctology doctors in Bangalore?

17 years is the average experience of Proctology doctors in Bangalore.

Are there any award-winning Proctology Doctors in Bangalore?

Dr. Parameshwara C M is awarded Top 20 medical tourism destinations in the country - 2018 & One of top 25 fast growing healthcare startups - 2018 who is a Proctology Doctor in Bangalore. Dr. Vijaya Raghava Reddy is awarded B.R.AGARWAL GOLD MEDAL - 2012 who is a Proctology Doctor in Bangalore. Dr. Raghunandan K. S. is awarded Awarded MD degree for scientific research in cancer and tumour biology from the Barts Institute of Tumour Biology & London. who is a Proctology Doctor in Bangalore.

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How to choose Proctology Doctors is Bangalore

Common credentials to look for in Proctology Doctors include board certification, years of experience, specialisations in specific areas of the field and the patient reviews they have received.

Consultation charges of Doctors in Bangalore

The average consultation charges for Proctology Doctors in Bangalore range between ₹200-₹400.

However, prices may vary depending on the specific condition, the experience of the doctor, and the location of the doctor's office.

It's always a good idea to check with the hospital for more information about specific costs.

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