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Best Orthopaedics doctors for ACL Tear in Bangalore

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Top Orthopaedics doctors for ACL Tear in Bangalore

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many ACL Tear Doctors are present in Bangalore?

There are 43 ACL Tear Doctors available in Bangalore.

Who are ACL Tear Doctors in Bangalore?

ACL Tear Doctors in Bangalore are Dr. Muralidhar N, Dr. S. Muthu, DR. LAKSHMIKANTH J, DR. BALAMURALI KRISHNAN, Dr Ashok A Reddy, Dr. Balakrishna, Dr. Venkatesh Prasad, Dr. Ravindra Puttaswamaiah, Dr. Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa, Dr. Manoj Kumar A. N, Dr. C. P. Belliappa, Dr. Srikanth Kanchana Pala, Dr. Manjunath Kumar K., Dr. Pradeep Anand M, Dr. Chethan Nagaraj, Dr. Lokesh M, Dr. Praveen Babu K. H., Dr. Radhakrishna V N, Dr. Roopesh R. G., Dr. Pavan H. M, Dr Vinayaraj M Kelagadi, Dr. Gowrishankar Swamy L.G, Dr. Ravi Prakash Y, Dr. Abhinandan S. Punit, Dr. Yogishwar A V, Dr. Vijay Bhaskar, Dr. Mallesh M, Dr. Mahesh M., Dr Praveen Podali, Dr Souradeep Mitra, Dr Karthik P, DR. SHIVARAJ, Dr. Rewat Laxman, Dr. Suman Seshkar, Dr Ajith Thomas Abraham, Dr. Bharath Raj, Dr. KARTHIK R, Dr. Sachin P Angadi, Dr.Prakhar Mishra, Dr. Mallesh. M, Dr. Santhosh C Reddy, Dr. Dinakar Reddy C.R & Dr. Ranjith Nellore Mahesh.

What is the average experience of ACL Tear doctors in Bangalore?

15 years is the average experience of ACL Tear doctors in Bangalore.

Are there any award-winning ACL Tear Doctors in Bangalore?

Dr. Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa is awarded Award for Excellence in Orthopaedics in 2018. India’s Most Promising Orthopaedic Surgeon – 2014 ROC Fellowship Winner “Aryabhata International Award” 2010 Best Performer Award & SPARSH Hospital 2008 Fred Heatley Award for best poster presentation & London 2006 Presented award winning video presentation at the annual conference of Karnataka Orthopaedic Association 2003 British Council Sponsorship for Higher Training in the United Kingdom & 2003 Best post graduate trainee M.S Orthopaedics examinations held by the Bangalore University & Bangalore & India & 1998 National Merit Scholarship for 7 continuous years & Govt. of India & 1986-1993 who is a ACL Tear Doctor in Bangalore.

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Orthopaedics is a medical speciality that focuses on the diagnosis, injuries, diseases, and conditions relating to the musculoskeletal system. The major area of focus includes the treatment of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. A multidisciplinary team of physicians and surgeons at Ayu Health Hospitals effectively manages acute to chronic orthopaedic symptoms through medical management, surgery, and physiotherapy.

Orthopaedics Facilities in Bangalore

Orthopaedic care at Ayu Health Hospitals provides treatment for arthritis, fractures, shoulder injuries, ACL & PCL tears, and sports injuries. Robotic knee replacement treatment available at our hospitals enables faster recovery with fewer rehabilitation periods.

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